Wednesday, February 3, 2010

La Zagaleta Golf and Country Club

The La Zagaleta Golf and Country Club is set in 900 Hectares of beautiful, mountainous Andalucian countryside. The site was originally owned by Henry Roussell, Father to Thierry Roussell the husband of Cristina Onassis. The estate was then purchased by Adnan Khashoggi, one time worlds richest man and Billionaire. After his fall from grace for arms dealing the estate was confiscated and then purchased in the late eighties by its current owner, with a clear vision of creating one of the finest and secure residential developments within Europe.

The development officially started being marketed in 1991 and from then on has been highly regarded and a by-word for absolute luxury. With the original golf designed by Bradford-Benz and Mr.Khashoggi´s old 5100m2 house being converted into a fabulous clubhouse, the estate has gone from strength to strength. The latest golf course, situated in the North West quadrant of the estate, names "Los Barrancos" added in 2007 at an approximate cost of €20,000,000.

Security is of prime concern to the current owners and therefore as you would expect it is impossible to enter the estate unless you have the express consent of either one of the owners or La Zagaleta themselves. There are only two points of access into the development and both of which are manned by highly trained, armed guards. The site is patrolled 24 hours per day and all the owners have peace of mind when they leave their property alone.

There has been an elevated interest in the estate since the ITV documentary was aired featuring Piers Morgan. The journalist flies across the development in a chopper and also interviews a couple who own there. Although not all the iformation provided was conmpletely accurate, it certainly gave people flavour of just how special this estate is.

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