Wednesday, January 27, 2010

La Zagaleta Building Project

This La Zagaleta property for sale really will provide the new owner with something amazing, massively high specifiction in finish all of the requirements of most luxury home seekers will be met by this property. The house will ahve a total of 2000m2 internal space, 4 swimming pools one of which will have a 24 Carat Gold mosaic inside. There will be a nightclub, fully equipped spa including Turkish bath steam room and sauna. All the bathrooms will be made by the fabulous "Fantini" company and the kitchen will be of absolutely top specifiction. This really is one of the most highly kitted out homes within the estate.

This is one of many properties in the First Property Choice porfolio and if this exclusive estate is for you then you should visit the website. You will have the most comprehensive portfolio of properties availble and you will be able to get every piece of information you require in order to make a qualified decision.

The estate has got some of the best security in Europe and unless you are invited by an owner or La Zagalata themselves then there is no possible way to access either entrance. Many people are concerned about security these days, both personally and that of their property, therefore this estate offers the perfect solutuion for wealthy individuals looking to protect their possessions.

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