Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The La Zagaleta Golf and Country Club

The La Zagaleta clubhouse was originally the home of Adnan Khashoggi, to say his home was rather large would be an understatement. Since La Zagaleta took over the estate they set about creating a luxurious place where residents could relax and enjoy the ammenities available.

Features include

Large and small meeting lounges
Summer and winter restaurants
Bar, cafetería, barbecue and snack-bar in the swimming pool pavillion
Fully equipped party pavilion
Billiard room
Bowling alley
Swimming pool, changing rooms and sauna

There are also other services available from the La Zagaleta service management centre including -

Full administration of your property, tax payments, electricity and water bills, accounting and expenses
Administration of limited companies
Labour advice
Renewal and change of number plates/transfer of ownership, etc.
Payment of all kind of bills
Secretarial service
Key control
Postal and courier service
Banking Services (Agency of Santander Central Hispano) 24 hours cash point machine.
Helicópteros Sanitarios
Medical services
Agency of Winterthur Insurance (house, cars, health and lifeinsurance)
Pool maintenance
Cleaning Service
Professional windows cleaning
Cleaning of water deposits
Treatment of terracotta floors
Home Maintenance Service (general reparations)
Professional Painting works (inside, outside, and decorative)
Installation of Alarmsystems (LIP Security)
Installation of satellite dishes, water softeners, telephone systems, faxes including applications for telephone lines
Installation of lightening conductors
Delivery of Fuel Oil
Sale & delivery of salt for swimming pool and water softeners
Firewood delivery
Personal chauffeur (airport service)
Minibus, helicopter, private jet, etc.
Food shopping and delivery
Beauty-Treatments and massages at home

The photos above are from the clubhouse area and should convey what you have access to should you become a member. Please note that you can only be a member of the club if you purchase either a plot or a property

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